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July 7, 2011

I’m sure you’re all wondering–“where did Allison and Eryn go?”

WELL. Let me just tell you.

I picked up a second job at a coffee shop mid-March, which I added to my cupcake position. Neither one had many hours, so it was a pretty easy decision. After kicking the savings into high gear, we went to CHItown. Yep, the ol’ Windy City is  alive and well. We spent hours in Sephora, days walking, and the entire week shopping between Huntsville >> Louisville >> Cincinnati >> and finally CHICAGO. This, of course is not a real recap of our visit; we are saving that for when Allison comes down to visit in a few weeks (EEKKK).

Oh right. I forgot that unless you’re following her blog (which you all should), you probably don’t know where Mrs. Allison has gone. She took a position as a full-time baker and weaving specialist. At a camp. With cool people. In the mountains. Do I sound jealous? Because I’m trying my hardest to hide it! 🙂

Three days after returning from the Windy City (completely lived up to its name), Allison drove up to North Carolina to have one of the best summers ever. But don’t fret, I’ve been busy down here, as well! Too busy, in fact. I got an internship at a small military publication, quit the cupcake biz, and took on both the internship and the coffee shop full-time. Yeppers, that’s only…70-80 hours a week. Needless to say, 14 hour days were not suiting me, and I am dropping down to 25 hours or less at the coffee shop. So only 65 hours or less. Which really isn’t as bad as it sounds. I’m finding ways to keep occupied.

In less than a month, Allison will be returning home for a couple of days; I reserved one of them, of course, and if the car ride won’t be too terribly much, we will head on up to Nashville for a fancy dinner, some fun photos, shopping, and girl time.

And there’s a recap of the past three months in under 500 words. Want to see some pictures or get a more detailed look at what we’ve been doing? Check out our [other] blogs!

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