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][the product of sleepless nights and early mornings][

March 16, 2011

Wow. Coming up with a mini-collection that is coherent in purpose, and cohesive in design is so much harder than you would expect! Especially since most of our materials came from scrap fabrics we already owned and items that we purchased for practically nothing at various thrift stores. Here is our finished product, which was graciously photographed by Allison’s brother-in-law, who did a fantastic job!

Our main purpose was to create a ready-to-wear line for the Spring that would be multifunctional as the seasons pass, and one that would easily be interchangeable if it was all owned by the same purpose. We tied all of the looks together with using similar prints in our fabrics, utilizing small details (such as buttons matching), and highlighting the back of the clothing as much as the front, which we did by creating interesting shapes with our fabric.

As you can see, this dress has gone through a lot of changes! We originally began work on it with the new year, and wound up dismantling the entire thing and beginning from scratch due to the excess fabric. From start-to-finish, this has been a joint collaboration on design, fit, and production. Luckily, our amazing manager, Amanda volunteered to model for us in the show, and as a thanks, we let her have the dress, because let’s face it–it looks amazing on her!

Oh, the infamous “Michael Jackson” pants. Or that’s what we named them when I initially modeled them–they were at least a size 20, completely covered in gold sequins, and originally purchased by us from UAL for a mere $15.00. Luckily, Allison saw their potential and grabbed them up! We added a beautiful silk insert in front to create a fuller bottom, and a smaller insert from scrap sequined fabric in the front of the skirt. The shirt she is wearing was made from a black lace purchased from our trip to SIRS, and some leftover satin that Allison had. The idea for the shape came from a shirt that she previously owned, and my final reaction once the outfit was completed: “you look so Free People.”

We don’t have a previous post for this skirt, but let me just describe it for you–calf-length/beige/white and pink triangle pattern/irregular pleats. Sounds awful, yes? Not to Allison, who fell in love with the fabric and its resemblance to the original red dress. So we got to work. This skirt came with an equally hideous shirt that will be in the next look, but just imagine ALL OVER BEIGE. Until we worked with it. We shortened the skirt and decided that once it was a more flattering length, it didn’t need much else work. The tank was made from the same lace and satin as the shirt that Allison wore, and therefore complimented both of the previous outfits. We wound up just purchasing a bra, because we unfortunately ran out of time to just make one. Overall, though, I like the look of it. As one of the other models observed, “It’s a pretty naked–not a skanky naked.”

“The Granny Shirt” that came with the previous beige skirt. It seemed to need a lot of work, but it had hidden potential! I first turned the shirt around, creating the same high boat neck we had in our previous ensembles, then cut the collar off, and mimicked the small bar across the back to hold it together. The shorts are made from the same satin we used in the other two tops, and I used leather panels on the side to add a little bit of textural detail. The shorts were made completely from scratch, but like with the other items that we began and finished of our own accord, without purchasing and up-cycling, I used a pair of shorts that I already owned as a guide for creating a pattern.

After the show, we walked out in the outfits that we made for ourselves, feeling quite accomplished as models and designers, and we were greeted with so much encouragement from the guests and the Flymo frequenters. There was a mini reception full of wine, cheese, and chocolate, and Allison and I returned home for a girl’s night with homemade Sangria and Sex & The City. AND SLEEP.


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