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February 20, 2011

Eryn and I have wanted to do a photo shoot together for the blog page header and to help our viewers (you) have a better idea who we are. We’ve been trying to arrange the shoot for a few months now but now that the weather’s been nicer we really wanted to get the shoot done. Since we met at a cupcake store, we thought a kitchen theme would be appropriate- picture cute aprons, mixing bowls, spatulas, and pearls. Not just any kitchen would do; Eryn had head talk of an abandoned house and the lightbulbs went off- vintage kitchen for a vintage shoot? Heck yes! Anyhow, we had a couple spare hours and happened to be in the vicinity so we decided to go on an adventure! We trekked through the woods only to come across a dilapidated barn. Now, I love a rickety old barn as much as the next person, but, unfortunately, there was no kitchen to be found. Nevertheless, it was a fun adventure to cheer us up on a warm Thursday in February.

**side note: after talking to our photographer, we decided an old boxcar near Ardmore would be an appropriate setting. Pictures to come soon!!**


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