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Slaw burger heaven

January 28, 2011

What a day, what a day. I needed some fabric for a project I am working on, and what better place to go than Sir’s in Fayetteville, TN. If you’ve never been, as I’m sure most of you haven’t, it’s a wonderful resource for factory remnants. They have a HUGE selection of both apparel and upholstery fabrics for, on average, less than $5 a yard. They also had a January sale going on where their killer prices were marked down even further. Eryn had never been so I decided to drag her along. (I also have a serious problem picking out super ugly fabrics so I needed a second opinion) Well, long story short, she fell in love– as you can see from our shopping cart below. We spent around 2 hours there treasure hunting before finally surfacing with our loot. We both got yards and yards and yards of fabric for less than $30 apiece. It was a steal! I also don’t think we paid more than $2.49 a yard for any one piece- most of it was $.88-1.49/yd.

Fabric shopping can sure take it out of you! We decided that we were quite hungry and needed to eat before hitting up the gazillions of antique stores in the square. We decided on Honey’s restaurant, famous for their all-slaw burgers. We sat at the counter, ate our fish and chips, and eavesdropped on the teenage girls gossiping behind the counter. We also made it to Elk River Coffee before we left town for a sugar and coffee fix. Eryn got a yummy pecan pastry and I got this massive chocolate eclair. Y.U.M!  (I also got a couple of pictures of myself for once!)

After lunch we hit up the antique stores surrounding the square in downtown Fayetteville. There were at least 7 and we made it to around 5 of them. I finally found the chair I was looking for to use in my photo shoots and that was our only purchase ($15). There were some overwhelming temptations though; just look at our photos! A lobster ashtray, old school desks, antique typewriters and princess phones, umbrellas, hats, tables, mirrors, and several great chairs!

After all of this antiquing, you can see why we needed our coffee fix, it was exhausting! Although we quite enjoy going to Nashville for our shopping/thrifting/dining needs, little old Fayetteville, TN, only 30 minutes away, was quite a satisfying destination for a girls day out.


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