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Project Thrifting

January 9, 2011

The last trip to Nashville took us to UAL where we found these amazing sequined pants. I bought them for the fabric and not the size, obviously. They reeked of unused potential. When the price tag was marked down from $800 (you read that right $800!!) to $109.99 to $54.99 to $27.99 finally to $14.99, I snatched them up. They are around a size XXXXL so there is a TON of fabric to work with. Eryn, ever the fashion designer, is working on some sketches to make the most out of the fabric and utilize the seam placement. Here are the before pictures and next Sunday you can look forward to seeing what brilliant ideas we’ve come up with to transform these atrocious pants into a totally glam and completely wearable work of art.

From here on out, every Sunday will be dedicated to thrifting and re-fashioning an article of clothing into something hip and modern. Our budget is going to be $20 for the original vintage piece as well as any extra fabric and notions we may need. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but it combines some of our favorite things: fashion, thrifting, and being creative. Wish us luck!


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