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][Fri-DiY: Necklace display][

January 7, 2011

Hello readers!

Allison and I set out to create a holder for her many adorable necklaces today! She got quite a few for Christmas, so having a place to keep them from getting tangled, while still being adorable was a necessity.

First thought? The picture frames that we are repurposing as a collage of wall hangers for her living room (coming soon). We went to what we like to call the “smelly thrift store,” AKA the one with the best finds!

Their frame selection had been depleted, so we decided to rummage through all of the old windows and screen doors in the back room. BEST IDEA EVER. We found an old cabinet door that was unpainted, just a rich, dark brown. And my favorite part? It even had a gold keyhole in the top! We acquired this piece (minus the glass; thankfully, it fell out on its own) for merely $2, and the idea was born there.

As Anthropologie fanatics, we are constantly gawking over their decor, and decided to mimic their tree branch displays. We went to Hobby Lobby to find ribbon for hanging the branch, and got a bronze snake-skin, a beige ribbed, and a blue velvet. All of which match the decor in her master bedroom perfectly.

After the ribbon buy, the cabinet door, and finding the branch, we were out $5.22, plus about twenty minutes in thirty degree weather.

And finally, here are the photos of the process and the outcome!

And voila! Cutesy headboard/functional wall art/outdoorsy living space.

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  1. January 8, 2011 6:54 pm

    this is amazing… briliant way to display necklaces! i’m in love.
    clever header too – love “fri-diy!”



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